Friday, October 04, 2019

Working in Chicago

Not everyone would call it "working" but it is what we do. We had 2 live appearances scheduled during our Chicago stay and one YouTube show.

A morning class

On Saturday morning, we presented a "What does this button do?" seminar to the CAEUG computer club. It is a very small group, in fact, they didn't really believe we were coming to such a small group. But it turned out to be one of my favorite meetings of the tour. Maybe the personalities, maybe because it was in the morning (most are at night, when I'd rather be at home in my PJs with a glass of wine) - for whatever reason, it was a lively, fun, meeting. They say they learned a lot.

Live-Streaming our YouTube show

Next we delivered episode 176 of our "Button" show on YouTube. The topic was How to make a map with Google My Maps. We live-streamed it from the back of our Van - "Studio R" for Roadtrek!

A few days off

We had a few days to kill before our next presentation, so we needed to find a comfortable place to stay. What are the odds of finding a pleasant campground in the metropolitan Chicago area? Slim and none I'd say - so we were very pleasantly surprised to find Camp Bullfrog Lake on the west side of Chicago, right where we needed to be. What a pleasant respite.

40 Years later ...

With all its problems, I still love Facebook for how it keeps me in touch with old friends. Even friends I haven't seen for 40 years. Randy and I went to High School together in Florida. She moved to Chicago area some time ago. Because of Facebook I saw that she was cruising in Italy and returning to Chicago right now - while we are there. She asked where we were and, when I told her, she made arrangements to drive over and visit. How cool?! We had to talk fast to catch up on 40 years!

The last Chicago gig

Our final computer club presentation was for the Westside Chicago Computer Society. They had a nice turnout for our Google Photos seminar.

Now it's time to head south!

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