Thursday, October 10, 2019

Quad cities club and photo walk

Vicki at the quad cities computer club is the one who started it all. Before Vicki contacted us back in 2011 we had no idea that these computer clubs exist. Come to find out there's an organization called Association of PC User Groups - Because of Vicki we got on the list of speakers for computer clubs Nationwide, and those clubs have been the bulk of our appearances this summer.
We've been back to Quad Cities Computer Club several times. We will always visit them if we are anywhere in the vicinity. The club has since disbanded, but we still visit as friends.
Ironically, after all my teaching on smartphone photography, Vicki credits me with introducing her to SLR cameras

This year, they got the gang together for dinner and we parked overnight in Vicki's driveway before joining them for a Scott Kelby worldwide photo walk in the morning. It was a bit of a rainy and dreary morning, but it made for interesting shots along the Mississippi.


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