Monday, June 23, 2014

Sleepy Creek Winery

The next night we had already planned to be a Harvest Hosts location, a winery. Not only did we get a nice place to park with a view of vineyards out our bedroom window and a wine tasting, but it was Saturday night and they had a musical group scheduled as entertainment that night. First, let me show you the location. The RV parking area is through the trees in the grassy field by the vineyard.



A storm rolled in during the late afternoon, making for some dramatic views over the vineyards. Tornado warnings were on the weather channel, but didn’t quite reach our location.


After getting parked and set up, we went to the winery for a tasting. This is Kayla – to see more from her, you gotta check out their website and watch the “Sipcom” called Up the Creek!

And, we took advantage of the beautiful grounds for a little R&R.

We had to get some computer work done, so we went back to the RV to find that there was NO Verizon signal here. They did have Wi-Fi inside the winery, so Jim put up the WiFIRanger external antenna to see if we could get it out in the RV. Yes! It still wasn’t great, but we had nothing without it.

After a salad dinner, we walked back to the winery to get a bottle of wine and some cheese and crackers to go along with the entertainment.  Victor & Penny and the Loose Change Orchestra (the clarinet and stand-up bass.) Be sure to check out their Facebook page and make it a point to go see them if you ever notice them nearby.


That’s “Victor & Penny” … actually Erin and Jeff. Their music is unique – they call it “Antique Pop.” Music from the 30s and 40s like “Side by Side” but with their own high-energy, upbeat take on it. We thoroughly enjoyed it. They were also accompanied by the “Loose Change Orchestra” which included a clarinet and stand up bass. Excellent musicians all.


As much as we enjoyed their music, we enjoyed meeting them and chatting the following morning even more. Here we are taking a little tour of the winery. Notice that Jeff is using a GoPro to film it. They live a lot like us because they are on the road all the time, but they travel by car and stay in hotels. We made them come out to the RV and contemplate living with a home on wheels.

Check out this little video they took in the car – I assume using the GoPro camera:

I hope our paths cross again someday.

More pictures on our June Web Album.

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