Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Off to Italy Jet lag/no jet lag

I know it's crazy to have two major trips so close together but we didn't have much choice. The Maldives trip was twice postponed from 2020 and then Italy trip is based on writers workshop. This is the same workshop we came to in 2017 and I immediately knew I wanted to do it again. It hasn't been offered for the last couple years.

We suffered greatly with jet lag on the Maldives trip. I believe the lack of sleep - especially for the 15 hour layover in Dubai- was a major factor in my catching a cold. Then, coming back to the states, our bodies just couldn't get in sync. We would be out cold by 7pm regardless of our best efforts.

On our way to Italy, via Istanbul, because we're flying Turkish Air

I'm not sure if we learned how to handle it better, or we're just lucky , but in Italy we've slept great. We even had a few hours of sleep on the plane and we feel good. The flight was 11 hours from Miami to Istanbul, 2 hours in Istanbul, then 2.5 hours to Naples. We got in to Naples about 7pm and Giuseppe was there to meet us and take us to our lodging. We got settled, then took a short walk around the neighborhood, found a couple glasses of wine with our name on them, went back to our room and slept solid till 10 the next morning. 💤 😴 🛌 

Exactly as I imagined it, within a block of our hotel was a hole-in-the-wall wine bar. We hesitantly stepped in and started to look around. A young man said, "Welcome" and motioned where we could sit down. We looked around more and saw a chalk board with a list of various wines. As we were studying it, we also watched the young man and heard him say, "Buona Serra" to the next people to venture in. So ... he could just look at people and know whether to speak English or Italian?! Turns out his name is Daniel and he was SO friendly and accomodating. The wine was delicious, and free tapas came with each glass of wine. We had such fun chatting with Daniel that I didn't want to leave!

Daniel, a joyful spirit!

Really good wine! Made at the foot of Mt. Vesuvius

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