Saturday, February 14, 2004

A Fort Lauderdale Experience Fort Lauderdale's tag line is "The Venice of America" because there are so many waterways. And, of course, waterfront property is the most valuable. It's a great place to have a little boat and just wander around. We've spent hours paddling our kayaks around the rivers and canals and had a great time. Once, during my 35 years in Fort Lauderdale, I lived right on the New River (the main East/West waterway) and twice a day the tourist boat called "The Jungle Queen" would pass by and the passengers would all shout "Hello There". If you ever visit Fort Lauderdale, I highly recommend the Jungle Queen cruise as an enjoyable way to see the waterways. You almost have to live on the water, or get on a boat to experience the waterways, so, what a treat for there to be an RV park right on New River! It's called "Yacht Haven" and we're here for just one night. It's actually an RV park AND a yacht marina, so people here are living on their boats too. Cool. Here's our site: