Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Here we go ... to our first trade show representing Coach Connect. We left Fort Lauderdale Tuesday afternoon and made one stop at a client's on the way. They say they're mad at us for leaving them (in April), but they sure love what we're doing. Everyone came out and took a little tour of the RV, Odie figured they were just visiting him! The trade show we were going to was a meeting of RV Park owner's from Best Holiday Trav-L-Parks conference. It was held at a hotel in Kissimmee, so we drove up and simply dry-camped in the parking lot. Today, Jim and I set up all our equipment and gave a presentation on what WiFi is all about and why the parks should sign up with Coach Connect to get it. We were very well received and it was a nice group of people. We look forward to doing many more. We were even able to demonstrate logging on to the Internet thru Coach Connect's login screen because we moved the RV around to the front of the hotel (near the meeting room) and set up our 'mobile WiFi Hotspot'. SOO COOOL. All the other presenters asked to use our equipment, and they could go to various websites to point stuff out as well! Heroes again!

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