Monday, February 16, 2004

Hey! We're still at Yacht Haven. We were able to stay a couple more days as long as we moved to another site ... just 2 doors down. Check out time is noon and check in time is 1pm. There are RVs lined up at 11:30 waiting to see if any sites open up. Amazing. We were thrilled to stay a couple more days because we could use the Hot Tub! That's the one thing about the house that we've missed. And here is just the tiniest of Videos, showing the New River side: Yacht Haven.MPG Friday night our friend Glenn was in town and came to visit. Impromptu parties can be the most fun! And Saturday was Valentines Day. Check out these gorgeous roses Jim got for me. Isn't he sweet? And he even found sugar-free chocolates that were pretty good!

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