Sunday, February 29, 2004

Mom's back from Thailand We had to set the alarms for this one! 6am her plane was scheduled to arrive. So, we got up at 5, got ready and left. She was early ... darn! She had already picked up her luggage and was waiting outside. I really like to meet her inside at the gate. Especially when she's been on a long trip, and this one was a full month. First she spent 2 weeks touring around Myanmar (aka Burma) - then she was on a dive boat The Ocean Rover off the coast of Thailand. Think we'll ever get her to settle down enough to travel around this country?! Actually, it was her idea years ago to get an RV and live/travel in it. We thought it was a good idea. She's still planning to get a Roadtrek someday and join us. She was surprisingly alert and chipper for 6am ... of course I guess it was more like 6pm (tomorrow) for her - she had two Sundays due to the International date line. She said she was ready for happy hour! I believe her flight started in Thailand, probably stopped in Singapore, Taiwan, Guam, Los Angeles, then Fort Lauderdale. Over 30 hours of travel. Mom - if you read this - tell me if I got it anywhere near right. Later note: she said I was close, it was 35 hours and she didn't stop in Guam. You can read her notes of the trip on her weblog, Marilyns Planet.

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