Thursday, February 26, 2004

One step closer to hitting the road. So, we have our new car (the Honda CRV) that is good for towing - now we have to get the tow package installed. It's actually quite involved. There is a hitch/receiver on the back of the RV. Then most of the apparatus gets installed on the Honda. The apparatus gets bolted on to the front end and then electrical wiring connects the brake lights from the RV thru to the Honda. Parts and Labor = $1500. The Honda is now officially a 'Toad'. That's what we RVers call a 'towed vehicle'! We don't have any photos of it being towed because the weather was really nasty. Later. Our first RV mishap Well, besides the hole in the kayak (see post for Feb 3) ... that was 'RV related'. This one is truly an RV mishap. You know how I told you the weather was really nasty? Well, it is true that an awning is like a sail and a gust of wind at just the right angle will pick it up and send it flying. Yes, we know it should be taken down when it gets stormy, and that's exactly what Jim was doing when it ripped right away from him and went sailing over the roof of the RV. Pretty scary, but he's fine. There goes another $1,000. It ripped the brackets right off the coach.