Saturday, March 12, 2005

A Desert Outing

Take a day off from computers! Well, half-a-day anyway. Dick and Frankie were planning a picnic type of outing with several other friends and invited us along. We went to an old miner's cabin at the Apache Chief Mine. It's on a 4 wheel drive road. Hey! We're old hands at that. We followed the leader thru a beautifully blooming desert. I think there are as many Saguaros here as in Saguaro National Park. With only minor wear and tear, we made it to this rather sturdy old cabin. I especially like this photo that Frankie took ... she said I could 'borrow' it for the blog! Aren't you proud of her Lynne? Dan signed the guestbook inside. Notice the bag labeled 'Gold' hanging right next to the Christmas wreath over the door. ... just in case. We took time to do a little exploring, climbing up the hill by the cabin. A sure sign that someone used to live here ... Odie enjoyed our outing as well, but he got hot and tired pretty quick. It is starting to feel a little more like a desert these days. We've also been warned that snakes are about, so we try to keep him close. We took our lunch break in the shade. Then Dick played tour guide and showed us a couple mines. Actually, finding the mines is not the hard part. The hard part is not falling in them ... it is literally a mine field (he he) out here with thousands of old abandoned gold, silver and copper mines. We enjoyed our sunny day in the desert. But the time came to say goodbye to Moe and head back home.

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