Saturday, March 26, 2005

Pahrump, Nevada

Actually, we are in Death Valley now, but I need to post a couple photos from Pahrump before I move on. I know Pahrump as home to Art Bell, the popular late night talk show host. He talks about fascinating, scary and/or outrageous topics like Alien abductions, Nanotechnology, or Remote Viewing. I learned from his talk show and website that he lived in Pahrump and built his own self-contained radio station, complete with an antenna farm. So, we had to go by and see it. What do you think? This must be it. Notice the RV in the garage! It's covered with antennas too. And, I believe this is the actual radio station. He operates a radio station here in town: KNYE. Sure sounded funny to hear Art Bell's voice (usually talking about alternative realities) giving the weather report! I may know Pahrump as the home of Art Bell, but many people know it as the home of the world famous Chicken Ranch! It's right down the road from Art's place! And next door to that is Sherry's Ranch. They have tourbuses stopping there! OK! Now we can go on and explore Death Valley. The weather is beautiful here. 80 degrees midday, 60 at night. Hundreds of people are here to see the wildflowers: And to kayak 282 feet below sea level at Badwater.

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