Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Lake Havasu

We're back in Lake Havasu City, staying at Crazy Horse campground. Here's our site: I really hope we get a chance to paddle the kayak around a little here. We saw a couple kayaks out there. It is such a spectacular day! Spring break is coming soon to Lake Havasu City. Fort Lauderdale used to be college kids' playground for Spring Break, but it got so out of hand that the lawmakers really cracked down. You don't see many people at spring break there anymore. I thought they all went to Daytona, but apparently, Lake Havasu City is high on the list as well. We did a couple seminars here, then we will head back to Quartzsite to finish getting some suspension work done on the motorhome. We took it to Eric's RV in Quartzsite and had a rear sway bar installed. They had to order the front sway bar, so we will go back. Eric was one of the teachers at Life on Wheels, and Jim really liked what he had to say. So, when we realized that he was in Quartzsite, we decided to take the motorhome to him and see what he had to say. First of all, he said our motorhome was in pretty good shape. Nothing in the suspension looked weak or ready to fail. Then he said the best thing we could do to improve performance, and therefore lower wear-and-tear and increase safety, was to install anti-swaybars. He also wanted us to install a 'track bar', but something about our differential made it impossible to install.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I was googling "Meteor Crater", "Petrified Forest", and "Grand Canyon" while day-dreaming about the Route 66 roadtrip I'd like to take this summer, and came across your blog.

You guys seem to be having a lot of fun! The travelog is great, and the pictures are beautiful. I can look forward to the eventual book, I hope?

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