Friday, March 25, 2005

Spoiled Brats

There is one huge, overwhelming, critically important, monumental fact that makes our wonderful lifestyle possible. That fact is:

With cell phones, computers and Internet access, you can work from anywhere at anytime.

Our motorhome is a mobile office complete with telephones, Internet access, computers, networks, printers, scanners, and filing cabinets. I have some clients in Florida who hardly know I'm gone. Using Instant Messaging, I am sitting right beside him anytime he needs me. When we were staying at the 'cabin' in Quartzsite, we found that we had enough phone and computer work to keep both of us busy at least 6 hours/day, 7 days/week. Often 8 or 10. Now that we are staying in a park, giving seminars and helping users, make that a minimum of 10 hours. We seem to have overlooked one little, simple, minor, tiny fact:

With cell phones, computers and Internet access, you can work from everywhere all the time.

I was complaining to Jim the other day - you know the sound, whine, whine, whine - when I received this wonderful email that just made my day. It was a sales followup email - I almost deleted it as junk mail - but I noticed the topic of Xinhua China. That is a stock that I learned about at the Money Show last month and may be interested in buying. I got permission to share the email with you. In fact, if anyone else wants to learn about XHUA, you can email him back!

From: I am the source of the last email from Xinhua China Ltd. which was a news release for our company. I am also the guy who telephoned you in February to provide you with answers to questions you may have had regarding Xinhua China Ltd. from the Florida Money Show. Now, while creating this e-mail to again provide you with an update, I noticed the domain in your email address and typed it into my browser. After a few minutes of admiring the content of the website and thinking to myself that I'd rather be rv'ing across the United States than typing emails and calling people, it occured to me that according to the travel plan it was not possible that the Jim and Chris on the web page were at the money show as they appeared to be in Arizona. So I concluded that either a) time travel is possible, or b) you are a relation to that Jim and Chris and were given an e-mail to use from their domain. Regardless, I enjoyed the content and will continue to write my email as I am not, unfortunately, rv'ing across ths US but simply performing the duties of my job...

Thanx Alex! Your email reminded me of just how COOL it is to be RVing across America. We're just a couple of spoiled brats! And, we're off to Death Valley right now - it's supposed to be a 'once-in-a-lifetime' wildflower display. Maybe we'll even turn off those phones and computers for a few hours! *gasp* you can DO that? By the way - here's our seminar room at this RV park: And, we just LOVE meeting the people, giving the seminars and helping them with their computers. Yes, life IS good.

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