Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Importance of being a (4 wheel drive) Toad

We had to make a day-trip to Yuma the other day. We're so glad that we have a towed (toad) vehicle in addition to our motorhome. That means that we can leave our home set up and then drive to wherever else we want in a small car. This day we learned the imporance of being a 4-wheel drive toad. First I gotta show you a photo of 'the Joads'. You see ALL types parked in this desert!
aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh - something is WRONG with the Internet today. Either the World Wide Web itself, the satellite we're connected to, or our equipment, is failing. It is so slow as to be unusable and some stuff (like uploading photos) simply doesn't work AT ALL. Back at ya later. ...Later now ... well, we still haven't figured out what's wrong, but we got connected to a WiFi system here in Quartzsite ( all is well for the moment, so I'll continue ...
OK, on with Jim's and my adventure. There are some spectacular mountains just a little ways southeast of Quartzsite called 'King of Arizona'. Ever since we got here in December, we've been saying, "We've got to go explore those". Well we leave tomorrow. So, we took advantage of our drive to Yuma and took a little side trip on the way back. We took the road to Castle Dome. It wasn't a big road, but it did look like you could drive east and north and then come back out to the main road. It started out as a nice paved road, then that changed to a nice dirt road. Then the road changed to a narrow, rocky 4 wheel drive road. But, I didn't mind. Jim was driving and I think he kind of enjoyed pushing the limits of our little Honda. As for me, it meant we were going slow so I could snap lots of pictures. This area is SPECTACULAR. We really weren't positive where the road would lead, but we were up for adventure. And, there were still some signs of civilization. That is, if you call one boondocked RV 'civilization'. Actually, I think this deserves to be called 'camping'. When I looked up from taking a picture, I saw steep rocks in front of us, but before I could say, "Hey, Jim I don't think we should ... " Our little Honda had successfully climbed this minor mountain range, and Jim was smiling. Then, I saw some more flowers and forgot all about the rocks. The sun was low ... the best time for taking pictures. What an awe-inspiring place the desert is at dusk. But when the scene turned to sunset, our wonderment turned to "I wonder where this road is going?" All we saw ahead of us was craggy mountains. We looked at each other and both said at the same time, "I think we should turn around." I think it was the right decision. I could exhale now and enjoy the rest of the sunset. It didn't get totally dark until we were back on the 'good' dirt road. Funny, I don't remember seeing this sign on the way in?! Here's to adventure.

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