Thursday, June 02, 2005

Crossing Ohio

We just zipped right on thru Ohio. This is about all we saw. Sure is starting to get green and lush, and we love the sight of hills. Windmills are always a nice sight. Once in Pennsylvania the hills got steeper. This one was a 9% grade! Jim has learned to keep the rig geared down, even into 1st in order to save the brakes. I sure wouldn't want to need one of these 'runaway truck ramps'. Our campsite near Bedford, PA was beautiful. I just love opening the door in the morning to a new scene!

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Gypsy John said...

Now Chris you've NEVER lived till you have had the ultimate THRILL RIDE going into one of those Runaway Ramps. But nowadays it'll cost you a bundle to have the experience. I did back in 1965 when I moved Mobile Homes and the truck lost it's brakes going down the Grapevine in Southern CA.