Friday, June 10, 2005

Greetings from New Jersey

We're spending a few days at Jim's old buddy's house on Long Beach Island, New Jersey, where Jim grew up. We spent a month here last year. And, of all the places we've parked our home since, we can't think of any place that has surpassed this. It was a beautiful drive getting here as well. The song 'Country Roads' was written about West Virginia - but I think it fits this road in Pennsylvania, don't you? And the Amish farmland countryside was so picturesque. Then we drove right thru the middle of Philadelphia. And entered New Jersey on the other side of the Delaware river. Back home for Jim! Here's our 'site'. I tell Jimmy (he lives here) how much we love his place. He reminds me that I wouldn't like it so much in January when the bay is frozen over! hmmmm - that's true. OK, LBI in the summertime, and the 'Quartzsite homestead' in the wintertime. I can see how RVers that do this for several years tend to settle on one or two particular places for particular seasons. We hope to continue traveling all over for at least a couple more years. But I feel so lucky to be able to spend time in such wonderful places.

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