Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Lost in the Woods

I haven't posted in a while have I? Since I last wrote, we've visited 2 more Coach Connect parks, did our seminars, helped users, and surveyed the WiFi systems. I also maintain databases of all this stuff and produce a variety of reports for various purposes and people. If you've ever done database work, you probably know that it is a bottomless pit. A *fascinating* pit, but bottomless nonetheless. I've been trying to get caught up on some of this work and I feel like I've just been lost for a few days. Meanwhile, we've been in simply beautiful country. In the deep woods of Pennsylvania. Here's a photo of typical sites at Appalachian Campsites. Jim did some more high altitude work when he got up on the roof of this barn to make an adjustment to the antenna. Sorry I missed that photo op! And now we're in Sun Valley which, if possible, is even more heavily forested. Thank goodness for WiFi ... cuz our satellite dish sure would not work here. Oh yea - we had some pretty dramatic thunderstorms yesterday too. ooops, gotta go. Jim tells me it's time to drive him around again to check the WiFi signal throughout the park. We already did it once, just with his laptop and built-in antenna. Now we're going around again with a roof-mount antenna that we are beta testing.

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