Thursday, June 16, 2005

Greetings from The Virginias

We stayed, night before last, in West Virginia. Right now we're in Virginia, and tonight we'll be in North Carolina. We're travelin'! We had to stay in West Virginia, you see, because it was a blank spot on our map! So, even though our route only took us thru about 30 miles of West Virginia - we made sure it was a night stop. That's the rules for putting a state on your map, you must stay at least one night. Lookin' Good: Besides, the night's stop was at Harper's Ferry. There's a National Historic Park there. We took our morning walk on the Appalachian Trail! Then we visited the park. It's located at the confluence of the Shenandoah and the Potomac Rivers. Gorgeous scenery. And, the history here is SO rich. Not only did it figure extensively in the Civil War - it changed hands 8 times! But, it was also prominent in the Lewis and Clark expedition. This is where Lewis got provisioned for the journey. We walked around a bit. And worked up a powerful thirst! Aha! What's this? I'll tell ya - the microbreweries in this country know how to make some mighty tasty beer! We felt very patriotic here drinking our Blue Ridge Red Ale in a white dining room! Then we got back on the road. We passed right by Shenandoah National Park with their Skyline Drive. We decided there just wasn't enough time. The speed limit on that road is 35mph! And, I understand that you really should go slower. We had some pretty nice scenery on the wonderful (especially compared to northeast highways!) Interstate 81. The Blue Ridge Mountains: Then we found a delightful park to stay last night. It's a Yogi Bear / Jellystone park at a place called Natural Bridge, Virginia. It's also a Passport America (1/2 price) park! What a beautiful evening! We grilled and ate dinner outside for the first time in a long time. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Another wonderful walk in the woods this morning - then we're back on the road.

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You should really consider driving the skyline drive through Sheandoah Nat park. There is a great camp ground there also