Tuesday, August 09, 2005

BYOH Party

Consider this - you have good friends that live about 100 miles away. You want to get together for the weekend. Here's the invitation: "Why don't you guys come to our place and visit for the weekend? But, you know we don't have much space and our house is kinda messy, so Bring Your Own House, Ok?" That's exactly what us 'homers' (people who live full-time in their motorhomes) get to do! Lynne and John are living on the west coast of Florida while they work on a 6 month project. We're parked on the east coast. It's about a 2 hour drive. Then we can be neighbors for the weekend and GO DIVING! And the folks here at Paradise Island are real good about arranging a site next door. The weather was extremely cooperative this weekend, and we were able to borrow 2 kayaks for Lynne and John. So, to the beach we go. First you unload the kayaks. Then you set up your gear ... with Jim overseeing of course! We drag our kayaks the short distance to the water. And we're ready to go. I don't have a waterproof camera this time, so - no pictures from the water. Regular lobster season started today, so, you guessed it, Jim caught some. John actually caught one too! But, it was a female with eggs, so he let it go. Sunday morning was just as spectacular (even though there was major thunderstorms overnight) so ... we did it all over again. And Dick(aka Commander Kayuba)and Geri, whose kayaks we borrowed, were there to officially welcome Lynne and John into the Kayuba scuba club. Then we went home and had lobster omelets for brunch! Yum.

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