Monday, July 03, 2006

Oh Boy, new faucets!

That's right, I'm excited about our new faucets. You see, the one in the kitchen had been getting loose of late. You almost needed 2 hands ... one to hold the bottom while the other hand moved the control arm to hotter or colder. It still worked, but ... I've complained a few times to Jim and, this weekend, he decided to work on it. He hates plumbing. We found a very similar faucet at Home Depot, but upon getting it home and trying to hook it up, he found that the pipes/tubes that bring the water to the faucet weren't long enough to reach this one. So, back to Home Depot to get extensions. He hates plumbing. The extensions didn't seem to fit the fixtures and Jim was making all sorts of distressing noises from his position under the sink. Back to Home Depot for a special tool. He says he's always wanted a basin wrench. He hates plumbing? I decided to go for a walk with Odie. A L O N G walk! When we got home, we had a new faucet, demonstrated by a very proud Jim. And, he said "I'm ready to do the bathroom one now!" The bathroom faucet works fine, it just looks old and raunchy. It's looked that way since we bought the motorhome and I've always wanted it replaced, but I didn't dare ask because Jim hates ... well, you know. Our ugly old bathroom faucet: The master at work. Our pretty new faucet.


Missy's Doodles said...

Now the BIG ???:

Is Jim for Hire?

(I've got a bathroom faucet that I'd like to replace. Works fine...just like yours, I just want something different!) See you in Texas!

Lynne said...

oh my... to join the plumbers union you need to lower your pants.Butt your choice in faucets is excellent. I just installed the same one in my rig this April.