Thursday, July 13, 2006

Computer Seminars for RVers

If you're an RVer, you probably know of the FMCA - Family Motor Coach Association. It is a membership organization for people who travel in motorhomes. They sponsor 10 area rallies all over the country, and, twice a year they have 'international conventions'. Basically, this is just a BIG rally. The next one (#76) is August 14 in Charlotte, North Carolina. We'll be there, because we are scheduled to do a few seminars. Here's what the current FMCA magazine has to say about the seminars:

During the past few years, motorhomers have become more receptive to taking computers on the road with them to do research, communicate with family and friends, and stay in touch with the rest of the world, even when they're miles off the beaten path. During the "Fast Track To Fun" convention, attendees can learn to "Get Away, Stay Connected With Wi-Fi," discover why "Every RVer Needs A Blog!", and obtain answers to "Frequently Asked Questions — Communicating On The Road."

A computer also can come in handy for folks who like to take pictures while they're traveling. "Digital Photography" discusses the equipment necessary — camera, printer, and software — to help budding photographers learn the basics of digital photography. In "Managing Digital Photos With Picasa 2," attendees will learn about the free downloadable program from Google that allows them to find, edit, and share all of the photos on their computer.

So ... of the 5 computer-related seminars mentioned, and Jim and I are presenting 4 of them! WiFi, Blog, FAQ, and Picasa. Pretty cool huh? We've been representing Coach Connect at the FMCA conventions, and presenting the WiFi seminar for 3 years now. We always get a good crowd. But, this will be the first time we're doing any of our other seminars. We're hoping that they're going to squeeze in one more as well, the 'Practice Safe Computing' is so important for *everyone* to understand. An ounce of maintenance and prevention will save so much aggravation later. We've given all these seminars at RV parks around the country, but, since we've been parked in Fort Lauderdale for the last few months, we figure we may be a little rusty. So, we invited some friends over and practiced our Picasa seminar last night. A few of them have been using Picasa for a while, but they all said they learned some important things. Thanx for coming over guys! Any readers out there who are coming to the convention ... we hope to see you at the seminars, or stop by the Coach Connect Internet Cafe and say hi! If you can't come and you'd like to learn some of the stuff we teach, I am in the process of recording tutorial videos and putting them on the web. This is something we will be charging for when it's done, but right now it's just in development and I'm looking for people to test it for me. If you're interested, send me an email. I'll send you the link and the password. "The more you learn, the more successful you'll be."

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Lee and Nancy said...

We attended three of your seminars at the FMCA rally and were greatly impressed. The Blog seminar was clearly the best program of the week.
I have given your web site to my brother in law so that he can check out the video lessons. I viewed some and found them very helpful.
Thanks for the excellent information. The day we got home, I set up a blog and have enjoyed playing with it to learn what it can do.