Monday, July 31, 2006

Last Chance to Dive

We're hitting the road again on Tuesday - so Saturday was our last chance to dive. It wasn't exactly the best day weather-wise. But Jim went anyway. He said it was a very nice, relaxing dive. He saw lots of lobster, but couldn't catch any since mini-season was over and the regular season doesn't start till August 6. I decided to sit this one out since Kayuba had organized a breakfast on the beach and I wasn't the only one staying dry. It was nice to catch up with uncle John. I've been telling stories about him for years about how he used to capture sharks for Ocean World and other aquariums around the world. And how, once, a little nurse shark he was holding latched on to his arm. He had to swim quite a ways with this shark attached to his arm. When he got to shore the only way to pry the shark's jaws off was with two big flathead screwdrivers. I've also told stories about how he wrestled alligators along with the Seminole Indians at Florida Sealife Aquarium - which was a tourist attraction here in the 50s that my grandparents owned. He verified both stories by showing me his scars! Too bad I don't have photos from the 50s to show you. I have some in albums packed away in our storage closet. I had meant to rummage thru and scan some while we were here this visit. Oh well ... maybe next time.

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