Monday, July 17, 2006

Thousand Trails

Thousand Trails is a campground membership system. Lots of RVers belong to these. It's kind of like a Timeshare, or a Health club membership. Only members are allowed to be there, and they have campgrounds all around the country. We had signed up at the last FMCA rally for a free weekend and we finally got around to it. We went to the Thousand Trails in Orlando, right around the corner from Disney. It's a very nice park. Lots of open space. We parked just a short walk from the clubhouse, pool, and jacuzzi. We had no problem with the satellite dish. It locked on within about 4 minutes! Although we really didn't need it, we found that the free Wi-Fi worked just fine. If you don't need to be concerned about satellite dishes, there's a really nice wooded section. And a lake. We didn't get the kayaks wet, but maybe next time. And a place where Odie can run. We liked it so much, we bought a membership. We really hadn't planned to do this! The sales process was a bit like buying a car, and neither Jim or I are negotiators. We paid a lot of money, but I still think it will be a good deal for us. Once you've paid the membership, there is no fee for your nightly stays in any Thousand Trails park, OR Resorts of Distinction. I see it like we're prepaying for our sites for the next few years. Just like a timeshare or a health club, it's a good deal if you really use it - and we should. As our savings are dwindling, it feels good to spend some on a future benefit. Spending this chunk is putting a spotlight on our finances. Jim, Chris, repeat after me: "It's time to get to work." "It's time to get to work." Even spoiled brats need to earn a living! We think that Thousand Trails would be a great venue for our computer seminars. We have the name of the person to contact about this. Wish us luck!


Gypsy John said...

I hope you DO realize you will have ANNUAL DUES every year!

Anonymous said...

Rondout Valley in NYstate is going downhill ever since the longtime manager retired. The new manager never steps foot in the park, sits in his office all day or drives around doing meaningless errands that someone else could do. We have camped there for ages and this is very sad for us.This park has been in business since early 70's and has always been 5star but we fear it won't be anymore.