Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fireworks by Kayak

One more time. We spent the Fourth of July at the party on the beach at Bob's house. Just like last year. Some traditions are good. And, this one is so special. 8 years ago, on this same day, Jim and I got married. Now, *that's* something to celebrate! It was a bit windy this year, and we thought it may even be too windy to paddle. But, just like the space shuttle launch today, we decided it was good enough. As it happened, our Kayuba dive club had chartered a boat to do a twilight dive and then watch the fireworks. The place where the boat was anchored for the dive happened to be straight out from where we were on the beach! Jim was feeling energetic so he paddled out to the boat and greeted the surfacing divers! Then he paddled back in and my Mom got into his kayak, I got in mine, and the 3 of us paddled up to Deerfield pier to watch the fireworks. I simply cannot imagine a better way to watch the fireworks. The City of Deerfield Beach puts on a marvelous display - shooting the fireworks from the pier. At one point there is a firefall from the edge of the pier down to the water ... I don't know *how* they do that, but it is a phenomenal sight. And, there's a concert on the beach, which we're close enough to hear from our kayaks, but we're all by ourselves, not with several thousand people crowded on the beach. The water was warm, the air was warm, the exercise was good, the sights and sounds were awesome. I'd be willing to bet that we were the only husband/wife/mother group in the world that kayaked out in the ocean in the dark of night and watched fireworks to the accompaniment of John Phillip Sousa! I felt *very* special. I know that Jim and Mom enjoyed themselves as well - they were hootin' and hollerin' so much you could hardly hear the fireworks! All that was missing were Lynne and John who are currently in the Seattle area, just about as far away as you can get! They paddled to the fireworks with us last year. We'll have to try harder to hook up next year. THANX Bob! For your party on the beach - it's a great place!

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