Monday, January 22, 2007

Fun with Friends

All four of us, Jim, Me, Lynne and John, went to the RV Super Show. We just went to have fun. We weren't working it. We weren't looking to buy a new RV. Of course, we're always interested to check out what's new. And, we were also checking out the suppliers area, wondering if we should have a booth there ourselves someday. But, the main purpose was to have fun. How d'you think we did? The photo above was taken inside an Anderson Mobile Estate. It's a 2-story, 1.6 million dollar tractor/trailer ... used! It was originally built for Will Smith. Will now has a new one that includes a recording studio. You can't just buy one of these ... you can 'buy' a place in line to get one custom-built. Oh yeah ... that's us. Our motorhome made the trip just fine, so nice to know everything still works after so long sitting still. And, after looking at lots of $100,000 to $400,000 motorhomes ... we still like ours the best! That's a successful show.

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