Monday, January 15, 2007

Off to see the Big City

We took a drive today to the big city of St. Petersburg. We are getting accustomed to being country bumpkins in the middle of nowhere that is Zolfo Springs, and it is quite an adventure to get on the freeway and go over big bridges like the Sunshine Skyway that spans Tampa Bay. It was a Chamber of Commerce day in the Tampa Bay area - 78 - 80 degrees. Just gorgeous. That's St. Pete up ahead. Admittedly we had a couple errands that required an office supply store. (geez those ink cartridges drain quickly when you're printing seminar handouts!) but, that would not be enough to get us to drive 1.5 hours to St. Pete. The occasion was Lynne and John's arrival. Up until 12 days ago they were in the frozen north on Whidbey Island near Seattle! They got word that there was a job waiting for them if they could get to St. Pete by today. And they're here! At first we told them we'd let them get settled in a day or so before we came to visit. But, this morning Jim and I looked at each other and said, 'naaahhh, they don't need to settle in!' So we started driving, planning to surprise them. We ended up surprising ourselves, our timing was so good. We pulled in right behind them. Before they even had a chance to unhook the car from the motorhome! Hey! What are friends for, if not to bug ya?! Welcome to Florida guys! We've missed you.

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