Thursday, January 11, 2007

Meet Bob and Polly and new baby, Datastorm

One thing I notice, and like, about couples you meet while RVing ... they really get along well. Think about it, if you're gonna live 24/7 in a 35X12 (approx) box, you *BETTER* get along! Bob and Polly exemplify this philosophy, and they're a joy to be around. They are also fellow geeks. They used to live in Tampa and they had a software business which developed data systems for Juvenile Assessment Centers in several counties in Florida. They got out of that business a few years ago to follow Bob's dream of living on the road. Now they spend summers in Southwest Wyoming, some of the winter here in Florida, and their legal residence is in South Dakota. True full-time RVers, we have a lot in common with Bob and Polly. And, they decided to add to our common factors by getting a Datastorm Internet Satellite dish from us! This will help them in their new business ventures and stock-trading. Here's Jim and Bob getting their new dish onto the roof of their Dutch Star motorhome. Although the dish has to be secured to the roof with screws, Jim was happy that he didn't have to drill a big hole for the cabling because it worked to pass them inside the coach next to the exhaust vent. Here's the proud new owners admiring their magic dish. I snapped a photo of 'the boys' as they were playing with the new toy. They looked up at the sound of the flash popping up, and immediately went back to their toy. Aren't they cute? And, here's Polly, calling friends to tell about their new purchase. As the sun set, we have a new Satellite Internet connection here at Peace River. You'll be seeing them on the map very soon now.

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