Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January Family Visit

This is the longest stretch between blog posts in a while. Let me catch up. We went to Fort Lauderdale for a visit. Gotta have a picture of the baby at least once a month right? Let's see, he was born last July ... so he's 6 months old now. What a cute little guy! Here's 4 generations of Guld men. There's James 1 (seated), James 2 (standing at the right), Devon (standing at left) and August James (on top!). And here's Mom (Lacie) and Dad (Devon) with their happy baby. We stayed at Mom's house. Odie must know that Mom's more accustomed to cats than dogs. Don't ya think he looks cat-like laying on top of the back of the couch? We also had a nice dinner with friends, and were happy to get a dentist appointment in too. Then back to Peace River and a waiting Datastorm install. We were also so happy to have a visit from Bill and Susan. We've run into Bill and Susan on the road 4 times now. Two in Utah, once in Big Bend, Texas, and now here. It's a great example of how friendships can develop thru traveling all over the country, and especially with the help of the map. This is the map where each of us with a satellite dish can have an icon representing where we are at any time. Whenever you follow our link to the map, you can see where we are - and we can see who is nearby. We have met new people this way, as well as keeping up with folks like Bill and Susan. I encourage you to check out their website, and also this wonderful magazine article about their journey!

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Anonymous said...

I hope you guys are safe from the storm.