Saturday, July 28, 2007

Flexible Plans

We're at a KOA in Springfield, Missouri. Notice all the 'nice' trees. Well, those 'nice' trees prevent our satellite dish from connecting. We could change sites and find one that would work, but they have good free Wi-Fi here so we didn't bother. In fact, the Wi-Fi is so good that this is a good time for me to work on uploading more videos to our website (uploads on satellite are slow). We did visit the local attraction ... Bass Pro Outdoor World. This is not just any Bass Pro Outdoor World. This is THE Bass Pro Outdoor World, the Grandaddy, the Mother of all Bass Pro Outdoor Worlds! It's quite an experience. They even have a scuba diver doing feedings in the huge freshwater fish tanks. We managed to get out, after a very nice dinner in Hemmingway's restaurant, with only a couple of purchases. The main one being a lounge chair for me. You may have heard me complain over the last few years that we don't seem to lounge around outside like other RVers. Well, DUH ... you need a lounge chair to do that! Aaaaahhhh, that's nice. And, what a great chair for one of my favorite activities ... watching Jim work! Unfortunately, I'm getting to do more of that than we planned. We got here Wednesday evening, Jim planned to install the Datastorm on Thursday, and we'd be on our way on Friday. Ah, the importance of being flexible! A very important part, the modem, did not ship with the dish as expected. So we had to wait another day for it to be overnighted. Then, once everything was in place, it just didn't work. The dish kept turning around and around without ever 'seeing' a satellite. So, they overnighted a replacement part (upper control board) which arrived today, Saturday. We'll see if that fixes it. Meanwhile, it's a nice park, there's a big field where Odie can run, and we still take the time to smell the roses ... er ... daisies ... er bachelor buttons? Chicory? Note about the trees: there apparently used to be a lot more here. From the park's newsletter:
On January 12-14, Springfield was hit by a major ice storm wich was reported to be the worst storm the area has seen in over 75 years. Our area experienced a three-day round of severe ice which was devastating to the Geater Springfield area as well as the campground. Some areas went without power for over two weeks! ... To date we have completely lost over 51 trees from the campground.
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Chris said...

Nice lounge chair. I knew you would like the BassPro store. What a place, isn't it?
There's one of those drive through African animal parks east of Springfield.