Monday, December 21, 2009

How Geeks Relax

We had nothing planned for yesterday (Sunday) so we did the things that are always *top* on our todo list.  Spend time with family, and treat ourselves to R&R.


We both did ‘Sunday services’ with our respective parents.  For me and mom that meant attending a Buddhist meditation session in the morning.  For Jim it meant visiting his Dad in the afternoon and watching the Dolphins football game.  The real value being simply the time spent together. 


For R&R – what do you think?  yep!  We’re at our computers (it’s too cold for scuba diving this weekend).  Jim has gotten completely hooked on Flight Simulator X.  He’s always enjoyed Flight Simulator – ever since the days of text only computers.  But, this latest incarnation is completely engrossing.  I hear the voices giving him tutorials on how to fly, and ‘missions’ to accomplish, there’s even a full story line with weather and other flyers along the way.  He’s flying prop planes, jets, and even helicopters. 


For me, I grab my old laptop and take it back to the bed rather than sitting at my computer desk where my new computer is all connected to external devices.  Part of R&R for me means sitting somewhere other than my desk and there aren’t many choices in a 30 foot RV.  Besides, my old laptop (Toshiba) has better sound than my new one (Sony) so it’s better for watching video – which is what I want to do.  I watch a little 30 Rock on Hulu, then find a video on cool features of gmail (it convinces me to start using gmail as my primary mail program) and finally settle in to watch some TED videos.  Always informative and inspiring.  If you just want to try one – here’s ‘Protect our Oceans’ by Sylvia Earle.  Or, for something you probably have not heard … The economics of Terrorism.


We took a break for dinner – Jim cut up a whole chicken and cooked it on the grill.  He also made a great green salad, and we had leftover Bourbon Sweet potatoes that I made for a Christmas party on Saturday night.  Yum!  Good dinner.  Then we each went back to our respective computers. 


Here’s a couple photos from the party on Saturday night.  It was at my Mom’s community.  What a beautiful setting around the pool.


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