Thursday, December 10, 2009

My New Favorite Word

Ever notice how one word keeps popping up in your language?  Lately I’ve been noticing a word that seems to appear in every other sentence out of my mouth.



I’m overwhelmed with trying to keep up with computers and technology. 

  • We just came out with our ‘Beginner’s Guide to Picasa 3.5’  and they’ve released Picasa 3.6!
  • I bought a new laptop (Sony Vaio) last month with Windows 7 and am still finding things I need from my old (3 years old) one.  So many RVers are getting the new Netbooks and we need to know about them.  Now that they have Windows 7 we felt OK about getting one – so that’s Jim’s new toy/research project.
  • I’m maintaining two other blogs (Computer Tips for Travelers, and Picasa Tips), both using Wordpress. I like Wordpress so much that I’m creating sites for several others as well and learning just how much there is to know about Wordpress
  • Then there’s Facebook and Twitter!  We are working on a new seminar about ‘You TwitFace!” on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

I’m overwhelmed with Doctors and Insurance.  I think Jim and I are very healthy, but a friend recently asked, “How do you know?  Have you had a checkup lately.” Uh, well, no.  And I think the main reason is because I’m still not comfortable with our insurance.  Health Insurance is our biggest monthly cost.  I’ve been working on this issue for a several years now – we’ve changed policies a couple times - and I’m realizing that we avoid going to the doctor for fear of not being able to apply for Insurance if, and when, I find a better one.  I want to be able to answer No to the question, “In the last 6 months has a doctor prescribed any medication or medical procedure?”


I’m overwhelmed with figuring out my Mom’s memory issues … and insurance.  She seems just fine, but her memory is failing and every day I realize that more.  I found a Memory Center with some great programs, but it’s not covered on her medicare HMO – so I’m investigating alternatives. 


I don’t like that word, ‘overwhelmed.’  I don’t feel good when I hear it over and over.  The only way out of overwhelmed mode is to keep plugging away.  But, changing the word also helps.


Instead of saying I’m overwhelmed with technology, I focus on how fun it is!  Really, I’m enjoying learning Facebook.  Wordpress is truly awesome – I feel good setting up websites using Wordpress.  I’ll help customers get set up, but then they can update it themselves … much better than having to call me!  This little netbook is SOO cute, and I do think it’s a great choice for RVers … only $350!  If you’re interested, here's a link to what we bought.  If you buy it from this link, we’ll get a little something too. ASUS Eee PC Seashell 1005HA-PU17-BK 10.1-Inch Black Netbook - 10.5 Hours of Battery Life (Windows 7 Starter)


Instead of focusing on our Insurance, we’re getting our checkups.  Yes, we may have to dip into savings to pay for it, but our health is the most important thing.  We went to the Doctor’s office and everything is new since we were last there – new staff, new doctor, new procedures.  We got right in, and the doctor spent over an hour with us!  It was a true pleasure.  And, so far so good – they haven’t found anything bad.


As for Mom, we’re getting to spend a lot of time together – that’s a good thing.  And, I’m discovering old friends and community resources with all sorts of helpful information.  I feel useful.


It’s not overwhelm … it’s life.


wench 2 said...

AHHHHH but if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it because they always manage to get it done.
and as you commented on before it's finding the time for play and love, to find balance that makes all the rest worth while.
watching you guys juggle too makes us feel not so alone. LOL

paulsharol said...

take a break take off yoiur shoes and relax

Diane said...

Glad I'm not the only one! I've been using "overwhelmed" daily, too. Go to Yoga Class for an hour of peace! Hugs!