Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Thing of Beauty

In amongst all the doctor checkup visits, end of year bookkeeping, and general holiday hustle and bustle, I believe it is important to make time for peaceful contemplation amongst natural beauty.



I’ve been meaning to go with Mom to Morikami Gardens ever since we arrived in Fort Lauderdale a couple months ago.  This Sunday was the day.  I’ve been there many times in the past – and it didn’t disappoint.  We met up with our old friend, Gary and had a great day.




Japanese Rock Garden






Japanese gardens apparently are nature designed by people.  Every tree, flower and bush is manicured and trained to be pleasing to the eye.




How *do* they use the hedge trimmers at the top of this 12 foot hedge?




Even more pictures on our December Picasa Web Album.

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Show Us The World said...

Morikami Gardens is one of our favorite places to visit in that area. Your pictures are lovely, as is the place you took them at.