Thursday, March 04, 2010

Heading to Reno

Mom and I decided we wanted a little trip – just us girls.  So, I contacted my long-time girlfriend, Melinda, who lives just south of Reno, Nevada and she said, “Come on!”  I haven’t seen her in a few years, not since we got together in Las Vegas (see past blog post.)  Geez – I thought that was just a couple years ago, but the blog tells me that it was March of 2005 … 5 years ago!  The blog has a much better memory than I do!

Melinda is into horses, something I never have been, so this should be interesting.  When we visited her in 2004, I met her horse, Dudley, and learned about her passion for understanding horses and having horses help people understand themselves.  It’s called ‘Equine Assisted Therapy.’  She’s started a business called Equus Insight.  I’ve just started her website and we’ll be working on it while I’m there.

Meanwhile – gotta finish packing.  What a pain!  I so much prefer the the method of packing myself into my home and having the home travel, than this nonsense of deciding what stuff I need and packing that into something that I carry.

Odie and Jim are staying here in Florida.  Mom and I will return next Wednesday.  I’m taking my computer with me, so I expect I will post a time or two from Reno.


Little Tesoro said...

Just started following your blog. Looks like it is going to be fun.

Marilyn said...

I hope you and your Mom have a great time. Wish you and Jim were going to be here in Yuma next week for the Gypsy Journal Rally. It is going to be HUGE !!!!!

Ronald said...

The Equine Therapy is an amazing service to people. Give your friend my congratulations and support. Ron Olsen DVM

ps If she needs any veterinary advice give her my phone number. 509-750-0613 Ron

Freely Living Life said...

We are familiar with Equine Assisted Therapy and the many benefits it offers. Congratulations to your friend on her business and new website. We look forward to seeing the site when it's up and running.

You girls all have a great time in Reno! :)