Saturday, March 13, 2010


I Love Technology!

I’m sure that’s not a surprise to you, coming from a Geek.  But, I’m not talking about technology for technology’s sake.  I’m talking about how it enriches my life.

This morning, Jim and I were taking our morning walk with Odie. My cell phone was in my pocket and it started beeping.  I took a look at it and realized it was beeping to remind me of a note I entered on the calendar a while back.  The screen read, “USA Dive Club Lighthouse Tour.”  Oh Yeah … today is the day that our dive club scheduled a tour of the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse.  A historic place.  One of the dive club’s members, Ray McAllister is a lead member of the Lighthouse Preservation Committee and he narrates the boatride to the lighthouse. 

I knew this was a popular event, and we had not made any reservations – but I called the leader anyway and asked if there was still room for a few more people.  “Sure!  Come on Down”  I was told.

What a gorgeous day!  And we would never have experienced it if my cell phone hadn’t beeped this morning!

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Hib Casselberry said...

Hi You all,
It was a nice sunny day, but the wind was was in the 25 to 30 MPH range and cool, not too hot. We are sorry that the Machine Room was locked and you technical people were not available to view turning machinery or peak at the 2-ton, nine-foot Fresnel lens. The cottage manager locked the door and did not let us have it open. It is not in her jurisdiction. We hope to clear that before our April 10th Lighthouse Tour.
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