Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Four Seminar Day!

Had to get up at 6 am to be ready for this day!  Our first seminar was at 8 – Picasa, then 9:45 – PIcasa Advanced, 11:30 Google Earth, and finally 1:30 – Internet on the Road.

Then, we told people who wanted to by our books or DVDs that we’d be at our table from 3-5.  When we got there at a few minutes before 3, there was a line!

I know, I know, LOTS of people in this country work hard from 8-5 every day … but this is definitely not normal for us!  And, today, we’re doing it all over again = with 3 seminars: Blogger, Advanced Blogger and Make a free website with

Here’s a picture of our Picasa class:

It *is* great fun though.  This is what we live for – the appreciative audiences.  Here’s Diane and Tony who told us that we’ve become a part of their lives!  As fulltime RVers, they take a lot of pictures and use their computers a lot, they turn to our videos whenever they need help.

We also had a camera crew web-casting the seminar.  I thought that was pretty exciting until I learned that it wasn’t publicized so nobody was watching the webcast !?  I guess it was just for practice.  Maybe next time.

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