Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Another Water Taxi Day

Whenever we want to do anything special on a nice day in Fort Lauderdale – we take a water taxi ride.  Lynne and John are back in Fort Lauderdale, staying in the same RV park as us, and it was Lynne’s birthday on Sunday.  We started the celebration by going to see Avatar at the IMAX theatre in 3D – WOW.  This was a new experience – we need a new word – this was so much more than a movie.  Stunning.

I told you it was a nice day!

You get to cruise all around for $15/day.  Port Everglades was busy;

Then we stopped for lunch at Bahia Cabana and met friends :-)

We walked over to the beach where Mom and I put on a drunken version of the hula! 

I think we actually believed we were back in 1954 when we performed *for real* just a block away at Bahia Mar.  I even have an old picture to prove it!

That’s Mom and me in 1954 at Bahia Mar in Fort Lauderdale.  We had just returned from living in Hawaii for a couple years.

A great day … Happy Birthday Lynne.

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Freely Living Life said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNNE! It's good to see you escaped the North for a little sunshine for awhile. It looks like you all are having a great time! *cheers*