Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rally’s Over

Rally’s are our work … but, boy!  I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun working!

This is a small rally where everyone feels like family.  Most of them have gotten to know each other thru the RV-Dreams website and forum.  Howard and Linda who run the website and the rally want everyone to feel like family, to learn about Fulltime RVing, and to have fun!  They know how to do it.  The entire group (100+ people) had dinner together all 4 nights. Two nights were catered dinners, one night was a chili cook-off, and one was potluck.  All were scrumptious.

In addition to the Show-and-Tell gadget night, there was a Family Feud game night.  What a hoot!  The questions were all RV related.

My favorite night was the Sock Hop! I *love* to dance and yet I never seem to get the opportunity. So I danced till I could hardly walk at this Sock Hop. I saw lots of cameras flashing - I hope I can point you to someone else's photos of that night - although I'll probably just be a blur! Here's a couple shots I took with my Droid.  Pat and Jim in their 50s best:

Linda was SMOKIN’

The rally finished with a Farewell Breakfast this morning.

Great Job RV-Dreams!  Can’t wait to see how you top this next  year!

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