Saturday, April 10, 2010

More RV-Dreams Rally

We gave our Picasa seminar yesterday.  Here’s the collage we made during class:

If you use Picasa and don’t know how to make collages like this, our ‘Show-Me-How’ Video on Collages happens to be one of our free ones, so check it out.

Today we give our ‘Every RVer Needs a Blog’ class.  I don’t expect a large turnout on this one because so many people here already have a blog!  We’ll try to get into some of the advanced stuff (like using Live Writer), but we promise that anyone can make a blog after attending this class, so we keep it focused on beginners.

Here are some of the blogs of people here at the rally.  These links are to the main blog page – to see entries about the rally you need to be looking at the April 7-11 2010 time frame.

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