Monday, April 26, 2010

Pool Party

Pretty sad that we’ve been at this RV park (Paradise Island) since October and have not made use of the wonderful pool.  Two reasons come to mind:

  1. It’s been kinda chilly *all* winter
  2. It’s been crowded *all* winter

Now the snowbirds have all but disappeared, and we’re getting the hot, sunny weather and warm nights that endear me to South Florida.  So – we invited family and a few friends to come to a Pool Party on Sunday.  I think our prime motivation was to have Devon and family come visit.  We haven’t seen them as much as we’d like this season, and we know the little ones (AJ – 3, Aiva – 6) enjoy the pool.  As it turned out, they were the ones who couldn’t come.  :-(  But, we had a good time with the rest of the family and friends.  The group even included some grandkids … Here’s Steve (Dick and Geri’s son) tossing Jake into the pool.

I actually caught Marie mid-air as Steve threw her in.

No more pictures … I didn’t even bring my camera to the pool.  I just enjoyed eating and swimming and chatting with friends – some of whom I”ve known for over 25 years. 

I have the pictures above because I always have my cell phone with me (Droid) and it takes decent pictures.  It even automatically geotags them.  Meaning … if you go to the web album you will see a map at the right.  Click on View Map, and you’ll see the photos taken with the Droid are placed in position.

Where the Droid *really* came in handy was for music.  The RV park has a nice stereo system for playing music around the pool – but who is going to get the CDs and keep them going?  Well – instead of CDs Jim plugged his Droid into the sound system and set it to play favorites from Pandora, the Internet radio station.  That kept us in wonderful music for several hours!

I figure that you know, if you’re reading a geek blog – even a family pool party is going to have some mention of geek stuff :-)

I’ll leave you with a few more pictures of the beautiful flowers that are blooming around here now:

A Bottlebrush tree:

A Tabebuia - that’s what uncle John said it was, and I double checked on the Internet – he’s right!  aka Yellow Trumpet tree.

And then, just one of the many, many perfect hibiscus around here:

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Fred and Wilma said...

Thanks for the tip on Pandora web site. Didn't know about it and now am enjoying it greatly.

You and Jim are just a fountain of information for us.