Friday, April 23, 2010

Blog 2 Book

Just one year of this blog – 2005 – is about 200 pages after using Blog2Print.  To have them print it in soft cover would cost $78.  I’m really tempted.  Is this cool or what?  Just a couple clicks and all those blog posts get formatted nicely to fit on printed pages

Hmmm – the image below is supposed to be a live preview of the book.  You click on the green arrows to go to next/previous pages.  Either it isn’t working, or it just takes a long time. 

Here’s a simple screen shot of a sample page:



Jim and Sandie said...

We now have two Blog2Print books and I love them. We did get the softcover. But the quality is really great and it's easier to share with family members who refuse to come into the technology age of computers. (We have several of those in our family.)

Joy and Phil said...

How cool is this!! Thanks for the link, I am thrilled to find this website!

Michael Lockridge said...

I am afraid I have no comprehension of the need for hard copy just to have a hard copy. I DO love books, but actually look forward to switching to electronic format and the ability to carry libraries everywhere. It's $78, and you have to haul it around. Same with photos. If I can move images all over the 'net, and put them on my phone and such, why would I need hard copies?

At 57 years of age I am not a kid growing up with this stuff. I just don't see the need.

Forry and Char said...

I've order one of their books of the first year -- and three days -- of my blog (2009). I haven't received it yet. It cost me $102. I think it will be a nice reminder of a "year on the road."
I can't wait to see it!

Mark and Dortha said...

Thanks Chris...

I can hardly wait to try it. What a memory to have some day.