Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Flowers and Plywood Boats

Wow – it’s been a whole week since I’ve posted here!  We’re in Fort Lauderdale.  Time goes so fast when you’re parked in one place.  I do post a little more often on my personal facebook page … it only takes a second to write a few words there.  Jim’s facebook page has a couple posts this week as well.  We usually use our Droid’s to post to Facebook because it’s just a couple clicks.

Speaking of our Droids we’ve written a few articles on RV.net about them – if you want to read more:

  1. Droid Watches Traffic
  2. GPS Navigation with Netbooks and Droid
  3. Internet by Droid

We thought we would be out of Florida by now – the RV-Dreams rally was our departure then we’d keep on going.  But, it worked out so well to take Mom with us, then come back … so here we are.  Our next rally is the RV Safety and Education Clinic on June 3 in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  So we’ll stick around here until time to go to that.

There’s certainly plenty to do!  I go over to Mom’s nearly every day and walk around her community.  It’s quite nice.  Here’s the lake in the middle:

The Flowers are quite spectacular right now.

I really need to take my good camera over there one of these days.  The photos above were taken with my Droid.

On Sunday, Jim participated in the Plywood Regatta with the Kayuba club.  It’s an event sponsored by the Marine Industry to teach young people about boating.  They are all given the exact same materials … some plywood … and they must fabricate their own boat, then paddle it around the Dania Beach Marina and Whisky Creek.  The Kayuba club is there to be safety boats.  Jim posted a couple photos on his facebook page.

Mom and I got there just in time to go to lunch after all the work was done!

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