Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Exhausted and Exhilarated

.The first day of the FMCA rally is behind us now.  Here's a picture from our new Facebook seminar.  FMCA printed 350 handouts for us ... and we ran out!  That means there were nearly 400 people.  When we did a show of hands, it appeared that the audience was roughly half and half - facebook users and non-users. See our facebook page for more minute-to-minute posts: www.facebook.com/geeksontour

We still had a good crowd for our Internet on the Road seminar ... about 200 ... but its nothing like it used to be.  Most people now have a Verizon data card and are happy with it, so they don't need to know about other options.  A few years ago, this was our most popular session by far.  That distinction is now clearly Picasa ... we had 600 for that seminar.

We still found a little time in the evening to look at the motorhomes for sale.   It was a beautiful evening.  And, lots of rigs to walk thru.  I don't know if it's a good thing or bad though - even if money were no object - I didn't like any of these big, fancy rigs as much as I like our old, beat up, smaller one.  I guess I'm just meant to be trailer trash ... no, make that RV Debris!  (thanks to hitchitch.com for giving us that term :-) 

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Jeff & Barbie said...

WOW-great turnouts for your sessions. You had to have been excited. I'm sure all who attended learned something.

Jack said...

I like the RV-Debris name.....I always say WE are trailer trash....so that one is taken :)