Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In bed at 9 o'clock

.Another wonderful, but exhausting day at the rally.  It started with our Picasa: Beyond the Basics seminar - lots of people from the first seminar returned with questions.

Next we taught our GPS Navigation class featuring Streets and Trips.  Larry Peterson from Microsoft's Streets and Trips group is here at the rally and he joined us for a while.  He brought a few packages of S&T with GPS receivers that we were able to give out as door prizes.

Then, we had our hands-on 'Boot Camp' class.  All the students arrived early and helped set up the tables in a way that worked for us.  As opposed to years past when we were in the Sheep Barn :-) - we had a very nice, carpeted room.   All went well.  Thanks so much to our volunteer assistants, Chuck Borcher and Jim Tisdale.

There was entertainment last night but we have no idea what it was.  Our entertainment was going to sleep at 9 o'clock!

Today is our Blogger class.  Then I'll get to hang out at our table in the Wi-Fi hotspot while Jim helps out in another seminar called RV Destination Exchange.  He runs the computer with Google Earth, marking the places suggested by the audience.
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Russ Krecklow said...

Great to see you working so hard passing along all that hard won tech knowledge! People have to jump into that at some point. It's kind of like swimming in a river, you need to keep moving after you jump in, or the current just takes you downstream. Technical progress marches on at a very fast pace. Thanks for sharing and helping people learn.

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