Friday, March 25, 2011

At Home in Fort Lauderdale

. I'm sure that not all fulltime RVers gravitate back to their home town, but I know of many that do - and we're in that group.  "Travel the World, and find Happiness in your Backyard"  We really like South Florida.  You simply CANNOT beat the weather.  We've found a lot of places in this country that have hotter weather in the summer, and *every* place in this country has colder weather in the winter!  Right now - springtime - it is so perfect - we try to complain about  not being on the road as we'd like, but there's really no way we can complain ...
Here I am spending a nice afternoon with my Mom in the pool at her retirement community:

Me and Mom at Willow Wood

And Jim snapped this picture on that same day when he went out in the ocean scuba diving from his kayak:

Jim in the Ocean off Fort Lauderdale beach - kayak diving.
  Jim even came home with a lobster big enough to feed us both for dinner!
Then another night, my Women's Executive Club, (where I've been a member since 1983!) had a social hour.  Mom and I dressed in some of her cool Indonesian clothes for the occasion.

Me and Mom dressed for happy hour.
 A big part of what makes this all possible is the fact that Jim work-camps here at Paradise Island RV Park.  Here he is behind the registration desk.  This is a *very* busy park.  I don't think there has been a vacancy since December!  He works 3 full days every week, managing registrations on the RV Tripsetter software, answering phones and generally providing guest-support services, which also means a little Wi-Fi troubleshooting and computer-fixing!

Jim working in the office here at Paradise Island RV Park
We'll be on the road soon enough!  We'll leave the first of May, and we have over 10,000 miles planned before we come back here in the fall.

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Karen and Al said...

Although we haven't traveled out West, just reading blogs has made me think that Florida weather is definitely the best for the winters.

You better rest up with 10,000 miles planned, it sounds like you'll be very busy!

Karensa said...

Would love to meet you if come through Nashville at all - think you drove through here last year but that was when I first started following your blog.

I enjoy reading about your adventures especially since I'd like to RV some day and both my husband and I are also "computer geeks"!

A Howeth said...

Looks like we went different directions from Perry. We went north, looks like you folks made a better choice. :-) Still we had things that needed to be done in Decatur IN so here we are in the cold while you enjoy south Florida. Have a good time and we will see you down the road!