Thursday, May 05, 2011

38 Degrees in Tennessee

What?!  There is frost in some areas of Northern Tennessee this morning.  Our weather monitor reports 38 degrees here in Franklin, Tennessee. It's May!

Oh well, we're toasty warm inside our deluxe, luxury, motor-mansion!  The furnace is working brilliantly!  As long as we don't encounter a tornado or flood we'll be happy.  We've seen *lots* of damage from recent tornadoes along our route.  Just like we've been seeing on the news - piles of rubble.

Right now, we're parked in the driveway of our friends, Roxie and Charles Marston.  What a beautiful place!
The Geek Mansion parked at Roxie and Charles place in Franklin, Tennessee.
Hard to believe that one year ago this was under water.  Roxie and Charles have been working hard the entire year recreating their home which had to be gutted after the floods last year.  They are anxiously watching the news on potential new floods this year.  Tennessee and Kentucky are in danger but, so far anyway, this area is not.

We're on to Bowling Green, KY today for the start of the RVSEF conference.
Thanks Roxie and Charles ... we'll be back!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new motorhome. It is beautiful!

B Hart

Margie and Roger said...

The new "Geek Mansion" is beautiful. I had confidence that you would eventually fall in love with your new home. I love those big windows! Congratulations and wishing you many happy years ahead.

Anonymous said...

Love your new home! Has Odie found his spot yet? You had not mentioned Odie in so was good to see him in the recent picture.