Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Day in Franklin

As I mentioned in our last post, we're camped in the driveway of our friends Roxie and Charles Marston.  They have lived in Franklin, Tennessee for 40 plus years.  They both retired from teaching positions in the area and have many ties to the community.  So when they suggested a Marston-guided tour, we jumped at the chance.  The weather has been a bit damp and chilly, but at least it wasn't actually raining on Sunday when we decided to take the afternoon for our tour.

Franklin was the scene of a major battle in the Civil War - ooops, I mean the 'War of Northern Aggression.'  The Battle of Franklin was fought on November 30, 1864 and is referred to as the five bloodiest hours of the American Civil War.  The Carnton Plantation includes the cemetery we visited. (you can read the sign if you click the picture and go to the larger version - then use your Back button to return here)

    As with so many Civil War sites we see as we travel - I am stunned by the sheer number of deaths, and the unthinkable suffering that occurred during that war.  I often wonder if it truly was the only option.  I'm sure glad that I wasn't around then.

On to more of the tour!  Downtown Franklin is delightful, and Roxie tells us that it is bustling most every evening.  Always something going on.  It's very picturesque.

The historic Theatre has recently re-opened.
Our tour guides ... Roxie and Charles Marston in downtown Franklin

They also took us to the Factory at Franklin, an old stove factory that was abandoned and converted into a trendy shopping center.  It's even dog-friendly - we may have to go back with Odie!  We had fun with the over-sized chair at the Factory!

The last stop was Tinkerbell playground.  This was a community project back in 1993.  Roxie and Charles relayed stories of exhaustion as well as exhilaration working as the 'Tool Coordinators' for the project.  You could almost hear their hearts singing as we visited and saw so many kids and families enjoying this park, even on a dreary day!

Roxie and Charles at Tinkerbell Park - which they helped build.
Thanks Roxie and Charles!  We can see why you like it here so much.

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Gail and Rick said...

Great post. Our daughter and SIL and family just sold their home in Nashville and are building a new home in Franklin so I found this very interesting.
Now, if they'd only build an RV park close by, I'd be thrilled!

Dave and Janice Evans said...

We are on our way to Franklin next month. . .the closest RV park we could find is about twenty minutes away. . .so you are a lucky duck to know someone who lives there.

I agree with you about the battlegrounds. . .I cried when we visited Shiloh. . .the mass graves just broke my heart. . .what a terrible time in the history of our country.

Thanks for sharing your adventure. . .we are looking forward to our trip!