Thursday, May 26, 2011


We're in Cincinnati, the home of FMCA headquarters.  We've had a change of plans for our summer - we're not going to Oregon for The Rally after all.  The numbers just don't add up.  So, we accepted an invitation to speak at the Heartland Rally in Goshen, Indiana.  And, it looks like we'll also be going to the NorthEast Area Rally (NEAR) for FMCA in Vermont.
We've been giving our computer seminars at the big FMCA RV Conventions since we started our journey in 2004 so, whenever we get the chance we like to stop in Cincinnati and check in with the wonderful folks here.  FMCA maintains a nice little RV park just for members.

We had a nice meeting at the headquarters yesterday with Chris Lusk who handles all the arrangements for seminars at the big conventions.  We went over our seminar plans for Madison this August.  We'll be teaching 8 different seminars, plus we've added a new hands-on class: Picasa Photo Editing Workshop.  That'll be fun.

For the first few years that we worked with FMCA, the seminar coordinator was Mary Ann Crowley.  She retired a couple years ago, but we have kept in touch.  It was a treat to get to see her yesterday and learn what she is up to.  She's busier than ever with volunteer work in her community.  Right now she's involved in a project called 'Bicycles in Bloom."  What fun!  We went around with her to see the different bicycles that have been placed.
Mary Ann taking a picture of one of the 'Bicycles in Bloom'

Jim helped Mary Ann make deliveries to other volunteers on the project.  What pretty homes we saw!

A Bicycle in Bloom in Milford, Ohio

Ohio isn't at all the northern, industrial landscape that I envision as a Floridian!  It is rolling hills, with rivers for kayaking, and trails for hiking, and beautiful little towns like Milford with story-book homes.
Thanks for the tour Mary Ann!

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Pat said...

I was born and raised in cincy. If you like to try new foods, I recommend trying some cincinnati chili. If you like ribs, try Montgomery Inn. If you like ice cream, run to Graeter's. The chocolate chip has chips the size of an old buick.

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