Sunday, May 08, 2011

RV SEF Conference

.This is the second year we've done the RV SEF conference, so we were relaxed.  It's a small group and we had a full hour and a half for each of our seminars.  So we could really get involved with our attendees and had time to take all their questions.  We loved it!

Teaching RVers about Internet connections on the Road

Teaching RVers how to make a Blog to record and share their travels

Many RVs were parked right in the parking lot at the Carol Knicely Conference center in Bowling Green, where the conference was held.  We parked at a local KOA because we're spoiled with wanted full hookups.  But, we drove our rig over to get properly weighed, then we stayed thru Saturday evening so we could participate in the open house.  How fun to walk around the neighborhood and go thru everyone's home!

Walter Cannon is the director of RV SEF and he teaches about weight safety for RVs.  We even had time to attend some of the other seminars while we were here.  What a treat.

Then we had him weigh our new rig.  As we had already learned, our overall weight is below the maximum allowed.  But, Walter weighs all 4 wheel positions, and we learned (as we suspected) that the driver side is 600 pound more than the other side.  That side has the slide with the kitchen in it, also the fuel tank and the bulk of the holding tanks.  Not much we can do about that.  But, this means we can put any and all heavy cargo we have on the other side.  So, we have no weight restrictions on our office area ... good to know.  We'll be talking to Walter about any other techniques we should use to be balance.

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