Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hiking and Waterfall in NW South Carolina

We vowed that we would take a day off from computer work, get some exercise, and take in the sights.  And we did!  First I have to tell you how we found out about the hiking around here.  Did you know there is another way to find out information besides googling it on our computer ... or smartphone?  We noticed a sign for South Carolina Welcome Center when we first arrived and decided to check it out.  One simple question to the friendly woman behind the counter and we were loaded with booklets and pamphlets, maps and pictures of exactly what we were looking for ... hikes and waterfalls nearby.

A visit to the Welcome center, can be even more informative than Google!
We watched the weather carefully, and picked Wednesday May 30 as the day for our hike.  And, I took along my brand new digital SLR camera - along with lenses from our friend Glenn - looking forward to trying it out on nature.
Wish we could hike in beautiful places like this every week.

It was a beautiful hike thru the woods for nearly 6 miles with only slight ups and downs - called the Big Bend trail.  There was a pretty stream as part of the hike, but we had heard so much about waterfalls in the area, we had to go in search of them.  What we found is called Whitewater Falls and it's right on the North Carolina/South Carolina border.  In fact, the literature says that the top is in the north and the bottom is in the south.  I think it's one of the most beautiful waterfalls I've ever seen.  I was entranced.

My new Canon even takes video!

From 201205
And, here's the surrounding scenery:

And, I have to play around with Picasa to create some special pictures.

Just to prove we were there, we handed our cellphone to someone else.

And, then I also made a collage using Picasa.  I'm working on a series of tutorial videos on how to use Picasa's Collage feature.  This will be one of the lessons:

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