Monday, July 09, 2012

Bye Bye LBI

LBI - Long Beach Island, New Jersey was our first destination when we started RVing in 2004, and we try to get back here most every year.  Our friend, Jimmy, has such a great place - right on the bay and just across the street from the ocean.  And, Jim has lots of friends and family here.  We usually try to come in spring or fall because that's the best weather.  This year it just worked out to be July.

It was Hot.

Hey Odie, How hot was it?

A few nights it cooled off a little.  That was mostly because storms came thru.  And, oh boy! do those storms come up fast!

If you're not using the table or chair, they better be stowed because it only takes minutes for serious storms to hit.

We got quite the lightning display

That storm packed gusts to 70mph
A couple of days we beat the heat the old fashioned way - by jumping into the ocean.  Although still chilly at 76 degrees - that's a lot warmer than the ocean normally is here and even I was able to get wet and play in the surf.  I didn't take my camera on those days, but did snap a couple photos on another day.

I got a real kick out of this seagull carrying a bagel.  Is he the beach delivery service?

There are several friends we try to get together with whenever we're "on the island" and Jimmy is generous to let us have a party at his place.  Thankfully he has umbrellas to give a little respite from the heat.

This is the reason we call it a "Corned Ham" party!
Here's the group of Jim's high school buddies.

Tom, Tom, and Jim
Odie loves to run on the sandy beach
Watching sun set as the party winds down
We never get tired of the sunsets here!
Till next time ... Bye Bye LBI!
Thank you sooo much Jimmy!

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Speedy said...

Sherri and I lived in Asbury Park for a year while I was in the Service at Ft Monmouth NJ studying Radar Repair. Love the Submarine sandwiches there!